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Russia President Divorces Wife

Willing To Divorce
Russian President Vladimir Putinand his wife, Lyudmila, said on state television on Thursday that they had separated and their marriage was over after 20years. Asked on Rossiya-24 television about longstanding rumours that they no longer lived together, the 60-year-old Putin said: “That is true.” Lyudmila Putin, 55, said it had been a “our common decision. And our marriage is over due to the fact that we barely see each other.” Asked whether they were divorced, Lyudmila said it was a “civilised divorce”. But neither clarified whether they were legally divorced and Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said he did not know. Read full story via => Source http://www.informationng.com/2013/06/russian-president-vladimir-putin-separates-from-wife-because-they-barely-see-each-other.html Festus Team Your Satisfaction Is Our Pride.
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